It’s Happening.

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a love affair

Mario Olverac

The man who is most passionate about love, and can help you relax knowing your wedding will be everything you have ever dreamed of…

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it’s Your special day…

Let’s Make it Happen.

We’re ready to make your wedding day everything you could hope for. And you get to relax, because we don’t miss any of the details. We cover every aspect of wedding planning from the food, service, and music, to creating a magical space to celebrate.

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Past weddings with mario…

It Happened.

We couldn’t be more honored to host some of the most breathtaking and enchanting weddings around the world. Below are just a few of the past weddings we’ve curated and planned over the years.

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Kate + Kevin

An intimate ceremony nestled into the jungle along the beach, with a celebration in one of the most memorable party spots, Gitano.

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Paoline + Nick

An elegant ceremony and reception with Casa Malca as its backdrop. A breathtaking venue with a beautiful couple surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Carime + Fernando

A wedding suitable for a rockstar. A gorgeous ceremony set on the sands of Tulum beach with an unforgettable after party under the palms and stars.


Donya + Darioush

A couple that you can feel their love through the ceremony all the way to the reception. The beauty is in the details of their special day.

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